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Ask questions, make announcements, and get answers within your local community

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Connect with your Local Community

Megaphone helps you connect with others by providing post creation, direct messaging, and question / answer feature.

Contact Others

Get help directly using our direct messaging feature

Share Questions

Ask questions on specific topics

Get Answers

Receive answers to questions by other members

Make Announcements

Post announcements and reminders to other members


Megaphone provides a engaging community platform consisting of multiple features such as Q&A, announcements, and direct messaging.

Contact Others and Get Help Directly

Direct message teachers, mentors, and other members with our messaging feature to get help on problems.

  • Ask for help on specific questions.
  • Reach out directly to members of your community.

Share your Questions

Receive help on problems and get solutions to quesitons using the Q&A feature

The Q&A feature for posts allows comments on questions and categorization to receieve solutions to problems.

Members have access to comment a solution on a question

List your question under a specific category

Make Specific Announcements

Update and inform members of your local community using the Megaphone announcement post feature

  • Announce updates and new information.
  • Make comments on every announcement.
  • Keep everyone updated.